What is Wedding Stationery?

I have asked many brides & couples whilst attending wedding fayres & open evenings at various venues, have you got your wedding stationery. Yes, is the answer I usually get, until I then ask, have you thought about your order of service, place cards & seating plan, table numbers, menus, guest book, ect.

So wedding stationery isn't just your Invitations.

Save the Date

These are sent out around 12 months before your wedding date, so people can book the day off work, or make sure they don't have any other arrangements on that day. They can be very plain so as not to give to much away or they can give your guests a sneaky peak to what they can expect on your Wedding Day.


Wedding Invitations

These should be sent to your guests around 4-6 months before your Wedding.

They come in many shapes & sizes, almost too much to choose from.

Once you have made your chose & depending on the design,

production should take around 3 weeks.